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The Home Of The Official www.luckycloverspins.com Affiliate Program.

Gold Leaf Affiliates is focused on developing fair and productive long-term partnerships with affiliates, media companies and partners in the UK. Our mission is to provide a industry-leading affiliate management services that helps our partners and affiliates each as much revenue from the traffic they send to Lucky Clover Spins as possible.

Our Affiliate Account Managers are professional and knowledgeable, which combined with competitive commission, fast pay-outs and good marketing assets will enable you to monetise your traffic effectively. If you have any questions for our AMs, they are always available to assist.


At Gold Leaf Affiliates we like to look after our affiliates and partners, so when you join the affiliate programme we reward you with 50% rev share for your first three months. Our revenue share commission is paid with no negative carryover if you opt to take advantage of this structure. If, however, you prefer to look at a bespoke CPA or Hybrid deal structure, please contact us to discuss these options in more detail.

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Q: What is an Affiliate Program?
A: Its basically a relationship between you (the Affiliate) and us (the Merchant), whereby we reward you with commission for sending us traffic, and ultimately players who join Lucky Clover Spins as customers, via your website.

Q: Why join Gold Leaf Affiliates?
A: It is free to join, and it is a great way for you to make money from your website, by promoting the brilliant www.luckycloverspins.com, that offers a fantastic online casino experience to your customers.

Q: How do I sign-up?
A: Simply click here or on one of the ‘JOIN NOW’ buttons on our site (www.goldleafaffiliates.com) and you will be directed to the Registration Process for Affiliates. Once we have validated and approved your account you will then be able to login and access your tracking links and marketing assets so that you can add them to your site and begin promoting Lucky Clover Spins.


Q: How do I earn money?
A: As a revenue share Affiliate you earn commission when you send customers to us using your unique tracking links, provide in the Affiliate Programme. As a revenue share partner, you will receive a % of the net revenue generated by the customers you send to Lucky Clover Spins, and as a CPA Affiliate you can earn a fixed commission for every verified real-money player.

Q: How can I see how much money I’m making?
A: The amount of commission you have earned in any given month or period is displayed in your account in the Affiliate Programme. There are many different reporting options to assess not only how much money you are making, and have made in previous months, but you also get to assess the effectiveness of each campaign and marketing asset.


Q: How do I get paid?
A: At Gold Leaf Affiliates we have a minimum payment threshold of £100 which means that any payments due below this amount will be rolled over to the following month until the threshold is reached. To ensure you get paid you simply need to add your payment details to your account and are accurate, in which case the payments will happen automatically.

Q: When do I get paid?
A: If you have earned commission more than the minimum payment threshold of £100 and have also ensured that your correct payment details are in your affiliate account you will received your payment by no later than the 15th of the following month.


Q: Where do I get my tracking links?
A: You can search for your unique tracking links and creatives (including banners and logos) in the Affiliate Programme. When you have found what you’re looking for you can see both the available links and the code that you then add to your site.

Q: How are players tracked?
A: Players are tracked using your unique tracking links generated in your account in the Affiliate Programme, which then maps the clicks from your site/traffic source to your account when they register at Lucky Clover Spins. This information is captured by a cookie that is stored on their computer when they signup.

Q: How does the reporting work?
A: In your affiliate account there are various reports available where you can break down the data to see whatever you want. The data fields included are everything you would expect such as clicks, registrations, first time depositing customers, commission, and revenue but you can also break down this data on a player level if required.